Trending Nail Art Designs: These five nail art are stylish

 Simple Trending Nail Art Designs

: These Five Nail Art Stylish Nail Art There are some styles in the fashion industry that never go out of fashion. For example, the fashion of polka dot print never gets old. Some call it the trendy polka dot bobby print.

If you have polka dresses, it's time to follow the polka dot nail art. You can follow these tips - Free Hand Polka Dot Nail Art You can make a medium sized polka dot print with any matte nail paint. Half Moon Style Nail Art If you want to do something different, you can also make a half polka style in the shape of the moon.

 Design Nail Art This nail art is very easy to make. If you cannot give it the right shape, paint the nail on the nail. And then once it's dry you apply a transparent cello tape and then another nail polish. This way you can create the perfect zigzag pattern with the help of transparent cello tape. Black and white flame nail art You can also make white polka dots in black nail polish. If, on the other hand, you want to make black polka dots, then you can try this print on any light shade.

 Marble Nails Nail art looks great on marble nails and you can do it with the help of plastic covers. Apply a coat of original paint and now grind the plastic cover. Then apply another coat of paint and lightly dip the powder plastic cover over the nail polish. Now your marble nails are ready. .

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