Make 7 delicious snacks with leftover bread.

There is a great distance between meals and overnight meals. By evening, we begin to feel hungry. Sometimes, we find some delicious snacks to eat. Can you add? But there is one problem. We get lazy when we are hungry, so there is no question of trying to cook an elaborate meal. We want something that is delicious, nutritious and quick to prepare. What if there was a way to prepare breakfast in a moment that was nutritious and not taking up your time?

Healthy evening snacks have a direct impact on our health and mood. Yet we often do not give him the respect or importance he deserves. We are under time pressure or too lazy to make it. Both of these are acceptable excuses. But if you have some leftover bread at home, you are sorted. You can make bread as an evening snack. Pair them with a cup of tea or coffee to enrich the experience.

Here are 7 snack options for leftover bread:

1. Tawa Bread Rolls These bread rolls are one of the most popular evening snacks across India. They are healthy and delicious.

2. Bread Poha This recipe from Maharashtra's kitchen has gained popularity across the country. Poha and bread slices are mixed with various spices. It can also be taken for breakfast.

The presence of many vegetables such as bread, vegetable cutlet beans, gourds, cauliflower, etc. makes this recipe a healthy and tasty snack.

Bread can make some delicious cutlet recipes.

4. Bread Dahi Wada This twisted version of Dahi Wada is made using bread crumbs and paneer. You should try this innovative recipe.

5. Bread pakora This is a very favorite bread snack. Serve it with a cup of tea and a crunchy invitation to eat a crisp snack.

6. Shahi tukda is a sweet dish that gives instant energy in the evening and decides to increase the day. This mughlai dish is easy to make at home.

Shahi tukda is a royal dessert that can be eaten at any time, and tastes great with shahi tukda bread.

7. Bread Chickpea Basket This is a creative way to combine leftover bread and lentils to make a delicious chateau with some dressing. It is loved by all age groups, especially children.

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